Most of our tractors are late model Peterbilt and our trailers include:
  • Flats
  • Step decks
  • Double drop
  • Double drop and stretch
  • Extendables
  • Multi-axles
  • Flatbed & step deck stretch trailers
  • Removable goose necks
  • Conestoga trailers

We also have tri-axle tractors and trailers.

Air Smooth LLC -  same day and overnight deliveries:
  • Up to level 5 net weight
  • 25' and 28' trailers with and without air suspension
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Conestoga Trailer Advantages:
  • No tarping saves loading and unloading times and no tarp burns or scratches
  • New equipment arrives at the customer in the exact same shape as it left the manufacturer
  • Convenient side on and off  loading
  • Load with overhead crane
  • Significant reduction of unload and load times
  • Easy manipulation of the conestoga cover
  • Improved safety for operator, shipper, and recipient
Our tractors are all GPS equipped to locate and track your shipment to insure timely delivery.

See Photo Gallery for trailer photos

Conestoga Trailer

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