Whether it's a single load or multiple loads, our logistics team will make sure your load arrives safe as scheduled.

A good example our logistics capabilities is the transport of one of the largest cogenerator systems manufactured in the US from Southern Wisconsin to Lower Manhattan in New York City. It was a complex move involving extensive planning and coordination every step of the way. Security issues in New York City presented additional planning challenges.

We had a very narrow window of time to enter lower Manhattan and staging of loads at the job site. We flew our top logistics supervisor to New York to insure that all loads arrived on time at the staging areas so that the 26 modules that made up the cogen system were lifted in the exact sequence for proper assembly. It was a smooth, no hassle operation. One of the consulting engineers on the roof where the modules were being assembled said, "I'm amazed how well this whole system came together".

We provide secure temporary outdoor storage that is fenced, lighted and covered by remote 24/7 cameras.